Updated: January 30, 2019



There are many reasons Android devices get FRP locked. Sometimes it happens  by accident or misfortune.

Forgotten combination/pin.

The most common of all is that users forget their device combination or pin to get into the phone, so they hard reset the device and end up FRP locking it.

Forgotten Gmail Account

Another reasons is when users forget their Google Account information so they reset their device and accidentally lock their phone.

Unauthorized factory reset

A very common reason is by an unauthorized factory reset. Which usually occurs when someone steals your device or someone is attempting to access your device information. This triggers the factory reset protection of the device by locking it to the Google Account it is synced to,

Previous owner forgot to remove their Google account.

It happens to a lot of us, We buy a phone online or from a friend and they forget to remove their account information so we hard reset the device and the accidentally lock it to the account on the device.