What is an FRP lock?

 Updated: January 30, 2019


FRP stands Factory Reset Protection . It is a lock that is enabled when a person hard resets the device and keeps you from using the device. It is a security measure created by Google in order to keep your device permanently lock if it we're lost or stolen. The Lolipop version of Android was the first version to introduce the FRP lock and then every version following that came standard. This lock is the equivalence of an iCloud lock on an iPhone. In many cases the device doesn't only get locked by thieves. Many times device owners forget their current password, email or pattern combination and are forced to hard reset their device without knowing that this will trigger the FRP.



In many cases you may be able to reset your account information and log back into your device without an issue, but sometimes this isn't an option. So we have created video tutorials to assist you on removing the FRP on your device. These videos are separated by device maker and are sometimes compatible with multiple devices. So you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, you may be able to use a video for Samsung Galaxy S9 and vice versa.

Below are the links to the different device makers. Each containing multiple videos for multiple device.





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